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A reminder of why Moms are a blessing… at any age.

I was one of those kids that could make a mother reconsider having any more offspring.  I was just born opinionated, stubborn, and strong-willed.

Fortunately for me I was blessed with a mother who was none of those things. Her personification of grace, mercy, and compassion is what inspires me to this day to be a better wife and mother.


I’m certain I didn’t appreciate her amazing qualities as a child other than to recognize that there were times her grace was the only reason I was still breathing.  As a mother who has faced some pretty tough challenges with my own children, I have come to the conclusion that my mom is a saint.

I also know that, even though I am no longer a child, she has never stopped being my mom.  During one particularly dark time as I went through my divorce, I felt so very alone and unloved. On one particularly discouraging day, I was surprised by a package that arrived in the mail. It was a stuffed bear and the card read “Bethany, I gave this bear 10 good hugs to send to you. Love & Kisses, Mom.”

That was almost 8 years ago but I keep that bear where I can see it every day as a simple reminder of how even the simplest of gestures can make a difference in someone’s life.

Mom, thank you for being such a great model for this opinionated, stubborn, and strong-willed child to follow.  I have tried hard to love my children like you loved me. And while I have not always done so perfectly, I’m blessed to have had your example to guide me.


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Here I Am World

As I get older I can’t help but think about what I’ve accomplished with my life, and what I might still be able to achieve with my future.  As that bright eyed child in the header photo above, I don’t remember what I was thinking. Maybe I just spotted my Daddy with the camera, or maybe my mother was dangling a toy or treat to get this reaction for the picture.  Whatever it was I’m pretty sure I was not consumed with thoughts of future mortgage payments,  a child’s poor decision, or the myriad of business issues that can entertain my brain.

I like to communicate.  Some who know me might tell you that I “communicate” far too much.  I’m convinced it’s a woman thing.  By talking about life’s problems we help ourselves figure out the answer – well, feel better about the possibility of finding one anyway.

Let the journey begin…

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