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The Next Chapter

There was a time in my life when I was so organized it should have been diagnosed as some kind of disorder.  My files were color coded and arranged alphabetically.  My sock drawer had little dividers and they were arranged from light to dark.  My kitchen sink was cleaned each night with the kind of care that would make the “Fly Lady” cry.

This will no doubt come as a shock to those of you who know me now.  My files are all one color and arranged wherever they land.  My sock drawer doesn’t exist because usually I can’t find a match anyway.  My kitchen sink would still bring tears to the “Fly Lady’s” eyes…but no longer the good kind.

Of course, one needs to look no further than my family photo to understand what happened to me.  My “disorder” was cured by the joys of raising a large family.  With mounds of laundry, dishes, toys, books, and drama, I’ve been far too busy to feed my need to control the details of my environment.

Don’t get me wrong.  It takes some serious organization to keep a large household moving.  However, over the years I’ve been forced to give up my perfect sock drawer in exchange for a sock matching “system.”  Instead of the perfect kitchen sink, I instituted a chore matrix to ensure we had at least clean bowls and spoons for breakfast.  As for those pesky files, I just decided I had better things to do with my time.

Over the past week our house has been involved in a “makeover” of sorts.  There has been the sound of power tools, the smell of fresh paint, and the occasional oooooo and ahhhhhh.  New (to me) furniture moved in, old furniture moved out.  Bags of garbage, pictures for eBay auctions, and plans for a garage sale.

With three children now out of the house and a fourth soon to follow, I am ready.  Ready for this next chapter where I will once again regain control of the kitchen junk drawer (are these batteries any good?), the foyer (whose shoes did I just trip over?), and the bathroom (who stole all the toilet paper?).

As for those files, I think I’ll still have something better to do.  Hey, with all these kids I’m sure to be a Granny at some point… but that’s a chapter I can wait on for now.


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