How much does the right to choose cost?

There are just some things in this world that will never make sense to me. Abortion is one of them. I really don’t believe it should be a religious debate though many stand solely on their faith as a reason to oppose it. It is not a personal preference though with moral relativism the code of the day there are those that hold adamantly to their “right to choose.”

Now I know some are reading this who represent both sides of the issue. Some might say that I haven’t addressed the “emotional” aspects of the issue but that’s intentional. I think it’s time we stopped being emotional and started using some common sense.

I think most everyone can agree, whether religious or not, that “thou shalt not kill” is a good rule for society to respect. Historically, the position for or against abortion centered on the disagreement of when life begins, and as a consequence when it becomes wrong to end the life of child.  A dangerous and blurry line to be sure.  Even more dangerous when you consider that it becomes a flexible line depending on the whim of society.

When we decide that morals are not absolutes, we begin a journey down a slippery slope from which it is difficult if ever to recover.  Without something to guide us, our morals simply become whatever our desires and emotions drive us toward.  We protest the mistreated of animals, we regulate and encourage recycling to protect the planet, yet we have decided it is acceptable to kill our own.

We didn’t decide to kill babies overnight. The path to abortion has been an emotional and divisive one. Abortion has become an accepted practice because of our emotions tied to the consequence of an unwanted pregnancy.  Society wants to “fix” the problem and “help” women.  If we tell ourselves enough times that a fetus is just a blog of tissue, eventually enough people will believe it – especially those who feel desperate and unprepared to have a baby. And besides, abortions are going to happen anyway so we might as well ensure the safety of the mother with regulations and laws, right?


Unborn baby at 12 weeks – a “blog of tissue?”

The Big Lie #1 – a fetus is just a blog of tissue until 12 weeks.

Regardless of the situation – right or wrong, you can always find someone who is being oppressed, hurt, or traumatized. If it’s compelling enough, you could convince people that doing something wrong is actually OK because it accomplishes a greater good.  And so, we have set out to “fix” the problem for more women by performing abortions later than 12 weeks if the mother could be harmed (physically or mentally) such as in the case of rape.

The Big Lie #2 – an unborn baby’s life whatever their age is not as important as the “rights” of the living.

Now that we’ve grown comfortable with ending the life of the unborn, society is then preyed upon by the greedy who wish to monetize on this direction. Abortions clinics target young girls and manipulate them for the sole purpose of making money. Low dose birth control pills and cheap condoms are distributed throughout high schools in the name of “safe sex” campaigns which lead to more teenage pregnancies. Clinics are opened at a rapid rate to fill the growing need to end the “problems” quietly and discreetly.

The Big Lie #3 – an unborn baby can be killed as long as it is not “viable.”

Soon the line is moved once again with partial birth abortions. Standing on viability as the measurement upon which “life begins,” a doctor will pull out the baby’s lower body and jam scissors to the base of the skull and suck out the brains through the hole while the head remains inside.  After all, it is not viable since it has not taken its first breath. Fortunately the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act was passed in 2003. Though it is frightening to me that we needed to ban such practices in the first place.

The Big Lie #4 – even a baby born alive is not viable because it cannot survive without someone to care for it.

Now the industry is opening stating their position that a baby born alive can be either left to die or killed by the physician. The avoidance of the direct question on what they do now in the above video speaks volumes. I can’t even imagine the rationale for this one.  The abortion industry is so accustomed to killing and death that they have simply lost their humanity.

And, because we do not stop them, I fear so shall we.


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