God Will Take Care of You (…and why this is written in the fog on my bathroom window)

To set this up properly, I need to give you a little background.  I’m a single mom who has home schooled for 11 years.  I am able to do this by being self-employed and working from home.  This has been a very tough year financially for a number of reasons.  The combination of large unexpected expenses, coupled with losing other sources of income, has created the perfect recipe for worry and stress.

Lately I’ve been praying through decisions like selling my home or going back into the corporate world.  With my youngest in her senior year, both of these have serious implications.

Tonight I was feeling the stress more than usual.  I was doing some monthly invoicing to clients and reviewing work in the pipeline.  I’m looking at accounts receivable and trying to decide how secure I feel about what I see there for the next few months.  This is how it goes when you are self-employed.  It is often feast or famine and income can be rather inconsistent.

With all of this on my mind, I decided I needed a break.  So I ran a hot bubble bath, lit some candles, and started the music playlist on my Droid entitled “Relax.”  I sank into my luxurious cocoon of soapy paradise and watched the birds jump from branch to branch in the tree outside the window.  I was reminded of the Scripture that says “So don’t be afraid, you are worth more than many sparrows.” (Matthew 10:31).  As I’m lost in my thoughts I realized that the song now playing on my phone was “God Will Take Care of You” by Plumb.  I thought, “Well, how fitting is that?”

Since I was waiting on an email of a design proof, I decided to check my email (yes, I’m still in the tub).  I found 3 emails all with new business referrals.  So, here I am.  In the tub, watching the birds and thinking about Matthew 10:31, listening to “God Will Take Care of You,” and now I have 3 emails with what looks like new business.  At this point, I began to cry.  Not because I was worried.  Not because I was stressed. I cried because I realized how much I have been trying to do things myself.  How God just wanted to me to rely on Him and I was too busy running around being worried to feel His peace.

But God wasn’t done with His lesson yet.  My playlist was set to run one song after another until the list was completed.  The list ran in order up until “God Will Take Care of You” and then something weird happened.  With no explanation I can give, that song repeated itself a few songs later.  It was if God was making sure that I knew He was speaking to me.  Talk about a humbling moment!!

To my precious Mom and Dad who are struggling with the recent news of Dad’s prostate cancer; To my oldest daughter, who struggles to meet her rent every month while she finishes her education; To my second oldest daughter, who is trying to find her own way in the world; To my second youngest daughter, who is leaving for missionary school this Saturday; To my youngest daughter, who wonders sometimes if her mother is losing her mind; To everyone reading this blog who wonders about that health diagnosis, that financial concern, or whatever you struggle with… I just wanted you all to know what God shared with me tonight – God Will Take Care of You.



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12 responses to “God Will Take Care of You (…and why this is written in the fog on my bathroom window)

  1. Le'An

    I can’t express how much those words mean to me….every one of them. I pray that God will work in my life to remind me every minute of every day that He is in control; that He can handle it without my help; that HE is my children’s parent – – FIRST! I’m second to Him.

    Bethany, thank you. Thank you for your obedience in writing this tonight; not tomorrow, but tonight.

  2. Jeff

    Thank you Bethany for sharing how God touched you and is using you to touch others. It is amazing to me to see how God works. He gives me inspiration through venues I never expect sometimes, but knowing what kind of person you are, this kind of experience and sharing with others is expected :-).

  3. I am at a loss of words really. I have been thinking the last few months I wish I knew someone that knew EXACTLY what I was going through so I could have someone to talk to that understood and ALL ALONG you were right in front of me!! We need to talk more!
    Thank you for this post!

    • Isn’t it funny how we think we are the only ones going through stuff? It’s not easy writing a blog and spilling your guts about being fearful and sitting in the tub crying. This is not how I want people to think about me so sharing it is an act of faith in itself. If we were transparent more often we would learn that we are just human like everyone else around us. I would love to get together and talk anytime, Tammy. I know we share a lot in common by running our own businesses from home and still needing to be the primary bread winner. It’s a lot of pressure.

  4. AMAZING!!!!!!! I know EXACTLY what you mean because I am in similar shoes!!! GREAT BLOG!!!!!

    Thank you for this blog!!! SOMETHING I NEEDED TO READ!!!


    • Thanks for leaving a comment, William. I didn’t think about how many people would be able to relate when I wrote this entry. What a blessing to have such a great response! Thanks.

  5. I believe God not only showed you, he also used you to tell others!!!!

    Be Blessed,

  6. Karen

    Wow! I was having one of those days with the weight of eveything on my shoulders. Got on FB saw this in my news feed. A friend of yours posted a link. Yeah God used you and your friend to tell others. So thank you for sharing this and thank you William Nolen for posting. 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting, Karen. It is so easy to read something and move on but the comments have really blessed me today. I’m overwhelmed… in a good way. 🙂 Have a great day!

  7. Bethany, this is most beautiful, inspiring and personal thing that I have read in a long time and I thank you for the message that you have given me. The timing is perfect, as God’s time always is.
    The song that you have attached is very special and calming and I also thank you for that.
    With warm, summer South African love, N

  8. Bethany, thank you so much for this beautiful and inspiring message that you have given. It seems that we are all struggling with pretty much the same stuff. Thank you for the renewed encouragement. Also the song is very relaxing and wonderful to listen too 🙂
    Warm Summer South African love, N

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