Is It Well With Your Soul?

I often sit down at my computer with good intentions of drafting some brilliant blog post only to end up staring at the page as my mind spins through countless topics.  If the truth be known, the recent events of my life make anything I would or could talk about publicly seem trivial by comparison.

It would be arrogant for me to think that I am the only one with life challenges.  However, there are moments when I have to ask myself and my Maker…”Why me?”

Now don’t get me wrong.  In retrospect I often see where my selfish or hasty decisions have led to life consequences and for that I must accept responsibility.  Yet again there are all those bumps in the road that seemingly came out of nowhere.  I must admit that it can be tempting to throw a pity party from time to time.

I’m having one of those “why me” moments.  Actually I’ve had about 5 years of them as life dealt out more heartbreak on one family than most would endure in a lifetime (hear the pity party?).  While I do not understand “why,” I have come to a more peaceful understanding of the “how.”

In the darkest of moments, God’s Sovereignty is unchanging.  In times of distress, His faithfulness endures.  When it seems that all hope is gone, He reveals His plan.  When I am drowning in a moment, He sees the bigger picture.

Bob Carlisle (Butterfly Kisses & Christmas Shoes) is a singer and song-writer who speaks to my heart.  His songs lyrics often pierce me right where I am and the following lyrics from his song It Is Well With My Soul do that for me where I find myself standing.

Oh, my life is filled with white-hot anxiety,
Though I think I wear it very well,
I still worry bout’ what people might think of me
if they ever saw me past my outer shell.
Believe me, I know how to worry.
I’ve chewed my fingernails to the bone.

Lord, I think about all that you’ve
done for me.
Lord, I think about it all the time.
But sometimes a ghost from the past starts
really haunting me,
stickin’ those awful feelings in my mind.
I won’t let it get to me, no.
I ain’t walkin’ down that old, dark road.

Since I’ve been given true forgiveness
And it is well with my soul
I’ll be about my father’s business
And it is well with my soul
In my soul
I can see clearly
In my soul

Through the darkness surrounding me
Once you’ve tasted and seen
Then you’ll know what I mean
There ain’t nothin’ gonna keep me down,
so…get up…

Oh, I’ve got my share of problems
Still it is well with my soul

Don’t always know just how to solve them
Still it is well with my soul

Sometimes I wrestle with my conscience
Still it is well with my soul

Still I know that I’ve got true forgiveness
And it is well with my soul

May it be well with your soul today.


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