Be Transparent? Are you insane?

We’ve been hearing the word transparency quite a bit lately… mostly as it relates to broken campaign promises.  In this word of “tell all” social media some may be convinced that we are more transparent than any other time in history.  Yah, right.

We all have the person inside of us that we want people to see, and then there is the person we know we really are.  If you’re being honest with yourself you must admit that the latter doesn’t make it into your Facebook status as much as the former.  Under the scrutiny of social media we closely guard our family secrets, our personal pain, and our insecurities for fear that the world will see us for what we really are – a flawed human.

Then there is the moment when someone finds the courage to be truly transparent.  Usually it’s about just one thing.  And that one thing happens to be something we have struggled with.  The connection is made.  It’s so very powerful.  Suddenly we feel a kinship with a perfect stranger because we realize they have a deep understanding of a part of us we have never shared with another living soul.

During my life I have been blessed to be a part of some amazing experiences – adoption, homeschooling, business, etc.  Some misguided folks have even said things like “you must be a saint” or “you are a supermom.”  It makes me feel a little embarrassed and I’m never quite sure how to respond (um…this me trying to be being transparent).  The truth is that I feel like neither a saint or a supermom.  I mostly feel inadequate for the many roles I perform.  Yes, I have those days when everything goes the way it should and I feel like maybe I am equipped for this journey after all.  However, like the game of golf, I am soon quickly cut down to size by the “hook” or the “slice” that comes next.

In spite of all our efforts to look like we are together, God knows the truth.  He sees our hearts, our motives, and, yes, our flaws.  He walked this earth as a human so that He could know and understand our hurt and pain.  By being completely transparent, He connects with us in a way that no human could ever do.  And there in the light of truth, we become able to overcome.

Transparency…it’s all becoming clear.


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